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Natural Bridges

In addition to its impressive array of national parks, Southern Utah boasts many national monuments as well. Although usually not as large as national parks, national monuments are no less spectacular. In fact, many of Utah’s national parks started out as monuments. One of our favorite national monuments in Utah is Natural Bridges. Read More

Dead Horse State Park

There are many spectacular state parks in Utah. Some are better than others, however. One of Utah’s best parks, in our opinion, is Dead Horse State Park. Situated in the high desert near Moab, Dead Horse offers a stunning overlook of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park. In some parts of the park, sheer cliffs rise vertically 2,000 feet. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch want you to check out Dead Horse State Park. Read More

Yuba Lake

June 8th, 2012

Outdoor adventures

The summer months in Southern Utah mean that you can have more fun in more ways. And one of the best ways to have fun in Southern Utah is playing in the water. There are many, many great lakes that you can go to in Southern Utah. But for those who want to make a quick trip from Salt Lake, consider going to Yuba Lake State Park. Read More