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Grand Staircase Canyons

August 24th, 2012

Nature, Outdoor adventures, Travel

There is nothing quite like exploring the desert backcountry. Some of the wildest, and most intensely beautiful, areas of Southern Utah are the canyons of the Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument. Anyone who wants to try a little exploration should check these canyons out. Read More

Biking Moab

August 23rd, 2012

Nature, Outdoor adventures

Moab is a haven for mountain bikers everywhere. The desert sands and rock flows make for some of the best conditions for adventure biking. Biking in Moab has become so popular that manufacturers have made models specifically for the Moab environment. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch thought we’d compile a list of three of the top biking trails at Moab. Check them out – they’ll satisfy any mountain biking urge. Read More

The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

August 22nd, 2012

Education, Historical places, Nature

Utah has come to be defined by its pioneer heritage, incredible ski slopes, and desert geology. But it also takes its place among the foremost pre-historical sites in the nation. Paleontology is the branch of science that deals with (and excavates) fossils. And Utah is a paleontologist’s playground.

The most spectacular fossils are, without a doubt, dinosaur remains. Utah has some amazing dinosaur dig sites – including the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. Read More

Lake Powell Revisited

Summers in Southern Utah can become blisteringly hot. The best cure for an Utahan heat wave is 186-miles of water. We are, of course, talking about Lake Powell. Located on the Utah/Arizona border, Lake Powell is one of the best water recreation sites in either state. If you plan to visit Southern Utah this summer, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch recommend a splash in Lake Powell to cool off. Read More

Paiute ATV Trail

August 16th, 2012

Outdoor adventures, Travel

Summer is the season for getting outdoors to explore nature. And if you like to explore nature from the seat of an all-terrain vehicle, then one of the best spots to go this summer is the Paiute ATV Trail. This unique course forms a 275-mile loop throughout the heart of South Central Utah. The Paiute ATV Trail has been rated by various riding magazines and routinely falls among the top ten routes in the nation. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch encourage you to get out and ride the Paiute Trail. Read More