A Short History Lesson

The first settlers were, of course, Native American Indians. Anasazi and Hopi tribes lived in what is now Capitol Reef National Park and Boulder Mountain. You can view petroglyphs inside Capitol Reef (especially along the board walk) and in lots of other places nearby. Drive into Fish Creek Cove and see more rock art up [...]

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Our History

One of the things that we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love about this region of Southern Utah is the history. There have been thousands of years of human history lived in these deserts. And each tribe or group or civilization that lived here left its mark. We encourage you to check out [...]

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Stargazing in the Park

Southern Utah is a great place to experience the best of nature. You can spend the whole day hiking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, or whatever you want, and then spend the nights looking at the stars. As we’ve often mentioned in this blog, we at Red River Ranch are lucky enough to be located in [...]

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Dinosaurs in Utah

Utah has many great features – most notably it’s scenery. There is, however, a rather unique aspect of Utah that many visitors overlook. We are, of course, talking about dinosaurs. The state has become famous for its abundance of dinosaur, and other types of fossils. With that in mind, we at the Lodge at Red [...]

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Boulder Heritage

The Boulder Mountain community has been holding a Boulder heritage celebration for several years. This event recognizes the people that have lived in the beautiful area of Boulder, Utah. This July 12th and 13th marks the ninth annual celebration. If you’re down here around that time, consider taking the chance to add some variety to [...]

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Stargazing in Bryce Canyon

Every year Bryce Canyon holds its Annual Astronomy Festival for amateur stargazers. Because Bryce Canyon has some of the lowest light pollution in the nation, this event is one of the best ways to experience the night sky. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch thought we’d share some info about the festival. [...]

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April is Nature Month

April is one of our favorite months. The birds are back from their migrations, the fruit trees are blossoming and the desert sage is bright and fragrant. It is fitting that April is also the month in which the celebrations of Earth Day and Arbor Day (or, Arbor and Bird Awareness Day) are observed. There [...]

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A Brief History of the NPS in Utah

Utah is lucky to have so many national parks. In addition to the obvious conservation benefits, these parks provide recreation and additional income for many people. The history of the National Park Service – which today oversees nearly 450 natural, historical, recreational, and cultural areas – is quite fascinating. We at the Lodge at Red [...]

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