April is Nature Month

April is one of our favorite months. The birds are back from their migrations, the fruit trees are blossoming and the desert sage is bright and fragrant. It is fitting that April is also the month in which the celebrations of Earth Day and Arbor Day (or, Arbor and Bird Awareness Day) are observed. There [...]

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A Brief History of the NPS in Utah

Utah is lucky to have so many national parks. In addition to the obvious conservation benefits, these parks provide recreation and additional income for many people. The history of the National Park Service – which today oversees nearly 450 natural, historical, recreational, and cultural areas – is quite fascinating. We at the Lodge at Red [...]

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Zion’s Top Five

Zion National Park protects 150,000 acres of possibly the most incredible landscape in the North America. Every year almost 3 million people come from all across the world just to see the park’s natural splendors. In this amazing place, how do you decide what to see when you visit? To point you in the right [...]

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Filming Locations of John Carter

Guests often ask us at the Lodge at Red River Ranch to point out specific places in Southern Utah where movie productions have been filmed. Since Southern Utah has been the backdrop for over 100 major motion pictures, we thought we’d give you a list of some famous film location that you might recognize. This [...]

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Animals of Wayne County

The flora and fauna of Wayne County add to the natural geological beauty of this land. Watching for the different native animals can provide additional entertainment for both adults and children. On your next road trip to Capitol Reef, we at the Lodge challenge you to watch for these animals – see how many you [...]

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Stargazing Event

Southern Utah is famous for many things – most notably for its landscape. However, one feature that is sometimes overlooked in Southern Utah is the quality of the night sky. Due to the high elevation, the lack of light pollution, and a smog free environment, Southern Utah is one of the best stargazing places in [...]

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A Quick Look at Cove Fort

Cove Fort provides a glimpse into the lives of early pioneers; it preserves the history of the time period. As the early Mormon settlers moved into the Salt Lake valley, the then president of their church, Brigham Young, encouraged the colonization of the surrounding regions. Thus, Mormon pioneers founded most of the towns and cities [...]

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