Capitol Reef Classic

The Capitol Reef Classic begins on Saturday the 19th of July this year. For bicycling enthusiasts of all skill levels, this is an amazing annual event. Nothing beats the scenery of Wayne County and Capitol Reef (a bold claim, we know, but we at the Lodge stand by it) and riding through the country side [...]

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Utah Symphony’s Mighty 5

We have some amazing news for anyone who will be in Southern Utah on August 12th. The Utah Symphony will be performing at all the Utah national parks in its Mighty 5 Tour. This is a historic opportunity to enjoy nature coupled with fantastic music. […]

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Stones of Praise

During the course of this blog, we have often exbounded on the beauties of the national parks of Southern Utah. We have written about visiting them in spring, summer, fall and winter. We have suggested itineraries to make your vacation even better. We have told you about the secret places that few people ever visit, [...]

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The Economics of the Five

If you follow our blog, you know that we are in the middle of writing our five-part mini-series on Utah’s national parks. So we thought it was fitting that this news article talked about how the national parks provide more than just spectacular sights. We thought we’d share the highlights with you. […]

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Stargazing in the Park

Southern Utah is a great place to experience the best of nature. You can spend the whole day hiking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, or whatever you want, and then spend the nights looking at the stars. As we’ve often mentioned in this blog, we at Red River Ranch are lucky enough to be located in [...]

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Torrey’s Red Rock Race

We at The Lodge at Red River Ranch support every chance to stay fit and have fun. And this Saturday, there is a fit and fun opportunity we encourage you to check out. The town of Torrey, Utah, and the surrounding communities, have organized the Red Rock Race 5K/10K. We can’t think of a better [...]

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BIFF: The Musical

This weekend Wayne County has the distinct honor of hosting another annual BIFF. BIFF (the Bicknell International Film Festival) is a celebration of a particular type of cinema – the B kind. Every year people come from all over the country to enjoy this weekend of movies. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch [...]

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